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We’ll deliver you qualified leads & new customers every month, or we’ll pay the bill!

Case Study #1

Peabody Family Chiropractic

  • 100+ Leads in 30 Days

  • 32 New Patient Appointments

  • 32%+ New Customer Booking Rate

  • At least 5-10+ New Patients have agreed to Long-Term Care.

  • Average Cost Per Lead is Less than $7.00

32 New Patient Appointments in 30 Days!

Case Study #2

Witch City Flowers (Landscaping)

  • 2,530% ROI in 1 Month

  • 31 Local Qualified Leads @ ~$4.56 Per Lead

  • Free Consultation Offer Led to 30/31 Leads becoming New Customers

  • Turned $162 in Total Investment into over $20,000+ in Services

  • Out of $20,000 in Sales, over $4,100+ was pure profit.

  • All 30 New Customers have requested additional services in the Summers & Years to come

Over $4,100 Profit in 1 Month

Case Study #3

Salem Acupuncture Therapy

  • 132 New Acupuncture Patient Leads

  • $3,980+ in New Patient Appointments

  • 60 Day Practice Growth was Greater Than Previous 12 Months.

  • $5.66 Average Cost Per Lead

  • 5,000+ Local Video Views

From 10-15 Weekly Patients to 25-30+ in 60 Days

Case Study #4

Bella Salon & Day Spa

  • 625% ROI / ROAS

  • 45 Local Qualified Leads @ ~$3.50 Per Lead

  • On a $15 Discounted-Service Offer, Multiple Customers Purchased $150+ in Services

  • Turned $160 in Ad Spend into over $1,000 in Services + New Lifetime Customers ($$$)

  • Multiple New Customers Have Scheduled a Second, Full-Price Appointment, Following their initial Appointment.

  • 45 New Names, Emails, and Phone Numbers added to Email List for Future Marketing Purposes

625%+ ROI in 2 Weeks

Case Study #5

Village Tavern Restaurant & Bar

  • 60+ Local Qualified Leads @ $0.80 – $2.00 Per Lead

  • 60+ New Names, Emails, and Phone Numbers added to Email List for Future Marketing Purposes

  • 15 New Leads in the First 24 Hours!

  • Campaign only ran for 6 Days!

  • All Leads were targeted within 2 miles! These types of leads are an excellent candidate for future marketing. Local & Interested.

  • My client asked me to take him off of the New Lead Emails because the notifications were “flooding [his] inbox.”

$0.80 Per Lead within 2 Miles!

A Few of the Businesses we’ve had the Honor of Working with!

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Book a Free Strategy Session!


This is easily the most important step in the process.

Either we can meet over the phone, via Skype, or if you’re local, I’ll gladly take you out to lunch, and we can determine whether we can fit your needs. This is where I like to get to know a new client, and get an idea of the history of your company.

Also, upon request, I’ll gladly come up with a FREE Social Media Audit, with actionable steps that you can take today to improve your online presence.


At this stage, we’ve determined that our services fit your needs, and that we’ll work well together; now the fun begins.

We’ll begin by analyzing campaigns from other companies in your industry, to figure out what has worked, and what hasn’t. This is where we craft a compelling offer to entice new customers, and qualify leads.

I’ll also reach out to my personal peer group of over 1,000 successful marketers, and see if any have noticed profound success in your industry. This method led to my being able to generate one of my clients over $1,100 in new business, from our first campaign, with just over $100 in ad spend.


Now that we’ve determined that we’ll be a good fit for your business needs, and developed a compelling initial offer for new business, we can start generating some real data.

Depending on the price-point / industry you’re in, the first step here may be to launch a Customer Research campaign. This is essentially an ad that asks potential customers to answer a few questions about their biggest pains & pleasures, as well as fears and problem areas, relating to your business. This information can be critical in creating a compelling offer that addresses your customers’ true problems.

If a Customer Research campaign is not necessary, then we will begin creating the email automation sequence, audiences, pixel installations, landing pages, ad design / copy, links, and everything else related to the initial campaign.

Once that is all set, we can launch our first campaign, split test into at least 3-5 different demographics, and start gathering info on which groups are responding best!


My personal favorite step.

This is where I pick apart every little detail in the data, from age groups, genders, interests, financial background, household information, operating system, even down to what type of car the user drives, and more, in order to refine the audience, and start determining which audiences we want to scale and which ones are going to generate the best results.

This step is the key to finding and scaling a winning ad. Once I start seeing some data come in, I can begin to determine which users are responding, and cater the audience towards that group.


At this point, we’ve launched our ad, split tested numerous different demographics, and started to really see where the best results come from.

Now it’s up to you, if you’re loving the results, and, for example with every $1 put into the ads we’re generating $2, or $3, or $10, or $50 in business, you can decide if you want to continue to scale the ad.

Maybe we’re spending $10-20/day, and seeing 3-10 new leads, but you want 6-20 new leads every day. Well in this case, we’ll start systematically scaling your winning ad so that now we’re spending $20-40/day, and getting the desired results.

The idea here is that you are able to continue scaling the ad, until you’re unable to handle any more new business!

Now sit back, relax, and watch the leads come pouring in.

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